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National Creators Award – As we all know that the government of India as launched the National Creator Award. It wills creators from various niches like storytelling, gaming, education, social change advocacy and technology. The accomplishment of content can influence digital landscape. To shine a spotlight on the myriad voices and talents that is instrumental in propelling Indian’s growth. Those individual who have not only fostered innovation and creativity which can be drive a social change. This award underscores the government commitment or creation across the nation.

Social changes advocacy to environment sustainability to gaming and beyond. The award aims to shine a spotlight on the multifaceted voices and innovation across broad spectrum categories. To know about the more detail regarding objective and benefits etc read article completely and carefully.

National Creators Award

It can drive the societal change and innovating foster to promote local culture or boost tourism. Economy is growing leap and bounds, bringing forth voices it can be drive social impact, promote local culture and boost tourism. Government can be launched the National Creators Award to influence the creators under categories and various languages. There will be 20 categories in which award will be given and it can help the nation soft power abroad using social media through internet. The outstanding achievement can be influences to demonstrate the digital creator economy. Citizen of India can be visiting their official website for applying to registration. They can be enhancing the tourism, support local tradition and positive social impact. Main aim to recognize digital creation for work creator or achieving impact on real life of people. Some people can be creating positive social changes in India and submission of content can be made in Indian language.

Objective of National Creators Award

It aims individual foresting positive social change and culture narrative in digital realm. Innovation of a creativity and excellence challenges of landscape. This can be identify support, raising the voices, and impact on digital media of society. Digital communities can tell stories social impact and support local tradition. Those who have complete the registration process or initiated the digital investor for creating a interest. National Creator Award can influence digital creator economy and it can be shaping India’s growth for driving positive social challenges. Innovation across 20 categories including storytelling, education, gaming, sustainability and social change. To celebrate the transformation of digital media in building and empowered society. National creator can create a digital creator economy aims to spotlight for growth and culture narrative. India has emerged a digital content, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of people.

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Detail of Creators Award

Name of articleNational Creators Award  
Launched byGovernment of India
BenefitDigital creator of India
ObjectiveEfforts for work and promote positive social challenges
Applying modeOnline
Official website

Benefits of National Creators Award

  • It can be launched by the government of India to acknowledge content creator.
  • They can initiative to contribution of social media influences.
  • Power of social media harnessed or award to recognize the impact and creativity.
  • There is no longer education inspiration and using medium responsibility.
  • Intersection of technology reflects dynamic nature evolving world.
  • National Creator Award can be diverse to 20 categories of content creator.
  • It aims is to recognized talent for contribution to the country landscape.
  • Positive societal changes and fostering innovation propelling in digital realm.
  • Public sector to promote innovation, uniting artists, politician and social revolution.
  • Interested citizen can go to official website for taking the benefits.
  • Digital community tells the story and supports the local tradition.
  • It efforts to work of creator an impact on achieving the many milestones.
  • Distinct categories ranging from storytelling, education, gaming, social change advocacy and influencer operating within digital domain.
  • India’s growth, culture narrative, diverse voice and talent have faster innovated.
  • This surge in digital creativity not refection of India’s growth for creativity of people.
  • The voices, talent are driving India’s growth and shaping it culture narrative.
  • It can recognize creator contributing to positive social change and shaping India’s culture.
  • Award can be celebrated for influencer and creator.

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Eligibility for Creators Award

  • Content may be submitted in English or any other language.
  • It can be published in one or more digital plateform.
  • Applicant age must be 18 years at the time of registration.
  • Nominees can be submitted in 20 categories.
  • Content may be published on you tube, face book and other plateform where content may be needed.
  • Self nomination will be submit in three categories.

Category list of National Creators Award

  • Best Nano creator award
  • Disruptors of the year
  • Best creator in health and fitness category
  • Celebrity creator of the year
  • Best Micro creator
  • Most important Agriculture creator
  • Best creator in gaming category
  • Green champion award
  • Best creator for social change
  • International creator award
  • Culture Ambassador of the year
  • Best creator in education category
  • Cleanliness Ambassador Award
  • Most male creative creators

Important document for Creators Award

  • Aadhar card
  • Address proof
  • Pan card
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size photo
  • Email Id

Registration process of National Creators Award

National Creators Award
  • Home page will be open so you have click on Nominate now option.
  • After it you can chose your nationality and enters mobile number with name.
  • Get the OTP button which is located below.
  • So you can enter an OTP which can be sent on your mobile number.
  • Form will be open on the screen.
  • You can fill all the detail such as name, mobile number, Aadhar number and other information.
  • At the end click on the submit option.
  • The registration process will be completed successfully.


Que: What is the eligibility for this award?

Ans: Age must be at least 18 years.

Que: In which language submission of content can be made?

Ans: Including English with Indian language.

Que: Who can be launched National Creators Award?

Ans: Launched by the Government of India.

Que: Name some award category?

Ans: Disruptors of the year, Best travel creator award, Tech creator award and most creative creators etc.

Que: What is the objective of Creators Award?

Ans: Creative in the field of digital content and efforts to work by the creators.

Que: What is the application procedure of this?

Ans: Procedure online.

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