Tripura CM Jan Arogya Yojana : Eligibility & Benefits

The government of India has been launched Tripura CM Jan Arogya Yojana and it can be provided the insurance cover to the families. Health insurance can be covered through this scheme the entire applicant can be able to done the treatment. It will get the annual health insurance to cover which can be cover 5 lakh families. Citizen without worrying about the problem of money can get the treatment in a good hospital. When the medical emergency is occur people rendered powerless. So this scheme can be provide the free medication of patient’s family. Health insurance will provide to fulfill the commitment of government. It can be covered in all segment and ensuring the security of their healthcare needs. This scheme covers the families who have left in Health Insurance Scheme of Central Government. Read the article completely and carefully for more detail regarding this scheme.

Tripura CM Jan Arogya Yojana

This scheme can provide the health insurance Rs 5 lakh citizen of the state. The main aim of the government is to provide accessible and affordable healthcare for everyone. It can improving the health sector and initiates the quality of healthcare. Tripura CM Jan Arogya Yojana can be providing the cashless, paperless health insurance benefits. Many people who are not covered under PMJAY seek financial assistance for medical expenditure. Budget can be allocated Rs 69 crore under this scheme and free medication is provided to the patient. In 15 days even discharge from government or private hospital entire process may be cashless. It aims to undertake path breaking intervention healthcare system and promotion at primary, secondary and tertiary level. In this scheme budget is also may for social welfare or really serving for common public. It is social welfare scheme and it can be implemented by the government of Tripura.  

Objective of Tripura CM Jan Arogya Yojana

It aims is to provide cashless and paperless access to healthcare services across the various hospital in the state. The government can be work to enhancing the health infrastructure and security to health needs. They can be inspired the government to have alternative plan for the individual in need of medical assistance. Health insurance coverage to all segments of the state population and ensuring the security of their healthcare needs. Tripura CM Jan Arogya Yojana can be covered of Rs 5 lakh including government employees. It can be considered an alternative plan for individual in need of medical assistance. Health insurance will be provide to the public and government can be fulfilled the commitment. It can be providing the accessible and affordable healthcare to poor people to affluent person. Many helpless people can covered or provide the financial assistance to meet their financial expenditure.  

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Overview of CM Jan Arogya Scheme of Tripura

Name of SchemeTripura CM Jan Arogya Yojana  
Launched byGovernment of Tripura
BenefitsProviding the medication to the patient family
ObjectiveCashless transaction throughout and provide health insurance to public
Budget allocationRs 69 crore
Application procedureKnow very soon
Official Website

Benefits of Tripura CM Jan Arogya Yojana

  • The government can launched this scheme to consider a alternative plan in need of medical assistance.
  • It can provide an insurance coverage of Rs 5 lakh to 4.15 lakh families.
  • Medical emergency should be occurs people are rendered powerless.
  • The government can be allocated a budget of Rs 69 crore.
  • Medical assistance is providing in need of alternative plan.
  • It also set free medication to patient family within 15 days.
  • Provide a health insurance to public and government can fulfilled the commitment.
  • This program can be benefited to the every family in the state.
  • Government employees cannot take the benefits under PMJAY.
  • Discharge from the government or private hospital would be cashless.
  • An alternative health insurance needs financial aid for the medical treatment.
  • The state government has continuously striving excellence health infrastructure and education sector.
  • Common people who suffer from disease can be affording for the treatment.
  • Government is working to improve the health system of the state.
  • People who are not covered by PMJAY come to help from paying medical bills.
  • Public or private hospital can do the cashless transaction provide free medication to patient families.
  • Medical emergencies come health cover no longer option to become accomplished.
  • People become helpless when medical emergency emerge.
  • It can provide the financial protection to the citizen of the state and improved access health services.
  • All the member of the society can take specific benefits and improve the financial risk protection.

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  • All the citizen of Tripura can be eligible.
  • Cashless, paperless health insurance benefits will be provided to the patient.
  • There is no age limit and no membership is required under eligible families.
  • Medical allowance and medical reimbursement employees can be included.
  • 5 lakh health insurance can be covered per year for the family.
  • The government employees who are not covered by PM-JAY can be eligible.

Required Document

  • Aadhar card
  • Domicile certificate
  • Health card
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size photo
  • Ration card
  • Bank account number

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How to Apply for Jan Arogya Scheme of Tripura

Those applicants who can apply can wait for some time because the government cannot launch the official website. When the website has been started so the eligible candidate can be apply for this scheme.


Que: In which state this scheme has been launched?

Ans: Launched in Tripura.

Que: How much age is limited for this scheme?

Ans: No age limit.

Que: What is the objective of Tripura CM Jan Arogya Yojana?

Ans: To provide the financial protection and universal health care to the citizen.

Que: How much budget is allocated?

Ans: Budget allocates Rs 69 crore.

Que: Who can be announced this scheme?

Ans: FM Pranajit Singh Roy.

Que: What is the amount of health care insurance?

Ans: Amount of Rs 5 lakh per annum.

Que: How many families should be covered under this yojana?

Ans: 4.15 families have access to have insurance.

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