Umbrella Scheme For Safety Of Women : objective, benefits

Safety of the Women in a country outcomes and stringent structure to the matter related to offences against women was provided through amendments. The continuation can launch by the central government of Umbrella Scheme For Safety Of Women. Total budget cost can be incurred of Rs. 1179.72 crore for implementation. Women safety can be involved strategies, practices and policies to reduce the violence as well as addressing women’s fear. Rs 885 crore will be provided by Ministry of Home Affairs and INR 294 crore will be founded by Nirbhaya fund. The prevention against women and children can be building help desk and anti human trafficking unit. Effort to check incidents of crime against women in the country and collaboration with states launched for the several project efficiency in the investigation. Read the article completely for more detail regarding objective, benefits, eligibility and required document etc.

Umbrella Scheme For Safety Of Women

The rising incidents of crimes against women across the country as evidenced by statistics from the National Crime Records Bureau. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has continued Safety of Women Umbrella Scheme. Total cost can be allocated by Ministry of Home Minister Affairs and Nirbhaya Fund is Rs 1179.72 crore. It effective delivery of justice, redressal of complaints in a timely manner and easily accessible institutional support structure to the victims. A total of Rs. 885.49 crore will be provided by MHA and it budget will be Rs. 294.23 crore. These efforts cab approach to addressing the multifaceted issues surrounding women security. The economic empowerment fuel growth and their accesss to education drive global progress. Most effective way to empower women through women led development approach and making huge strides. Women play a very important role as the backbone of rural agriculture families as small traders.   

Objective of Umbrella Scheme For Safety Of Women

Government of India has set a women help desk in every police station and emergency number for all crimes against women. It can significant contributors to the global economy and create historic cooperative movement. Indian Government has decided to continue the Umbrella Scheme For Safety Of Women. Rs. 885.49 will be provided by the MHA from budget and Rs 294.23 crore will be funded from Nirbhaya Fund. The effective implementation of various programmes can be empowered and protection of women can ensure sustainable development. Strengthen intervention for safety, security and empowerment of women. It can be affected by violence in private or public place and women safety approval of RS 1179.72 crore. Safety of women in the country is an outcome of several factors, such as stringent deterrence through strict law, and easily accessible support structure to the victims.

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Key Highlight Of Safety of Women Umbrella Scheme

Name of schemeUmbrella Scheme For Safety Of Women  
Launched byPrime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi
BenefitWomen citizen can be take
ObjectiveHelp desk in every police station can be set and comfortable environment will be provided
Total budget1179.72 crores
Nirbhaya Fund Budget294.23
Official Website

Benefits Of Umbrella Scheme For Safety Of Women

  • This scheme can be launched the Prime Minister to provide safe and comfortable environment.
  • These projects can be including strengthening mechanism and investigation in case of crime against women for prevention in such matter.
  • Total cost of budget will be provided of Rs 1179.72.
  • Nirbhaya will be funded Rs 294.23 crore and MHA provided Rs 885.49 crore.
  • Cabinet will provide emergency number to provide safe and comfortable environment.
  • Security of women across the nation and Indian Government has continuation of women safety.
  • The government to create a society and empowered to realize full potential.
  • Women help desk will be set in every police station and emergency number for crimes against women.
  • It provide safe and comfortable living environment for female citizen.
  • The various factor stringent deterrence through strict laws, effective delivery of justice can make accessible.
  • Women can be enhancing efficiency in investigation and crime prevention providing support structure.
  • A portion will be financed by the MHA from its budget.
  • It efforts to women safety in collaboration with including prevention in such matters.
  • Capacity building for training investigator can be built for women.
  • The association with nature holds the key to innovation solution to climate change.
  • Women can be empowered through the led development in India.
  • It has been agents of economic, environmental and social change elected in rural local bodies.
  • Women play a very important role as a backbone of agriculture families.
  • The development in a safe and secure environment is crucial for development of the country.
  • Empowering the women and encourage them to participate in society.   
  • This scheme can be announced on 21th February.
  • Government will safeguard the female citizen of India.
  • Make a quick redressal for all the complain and emergency number will safeguard.

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  • Women can be eligible for this scheme.
  • It can be safe and provide comfortable environment.
  • Budget can be allocated Rs 1179.72 crore.

Required Document

  • Aadhar card
  • Domicile certificate
  • Mobile number
  • Email Id

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Safety of Women Umbrella Scheme Benefit Taking Process

  • First of all go to the official website of this scheme.
  • Website home page will be open on the screen then click on apply option.
  • New page will be open in front of you.
  • Fill all the detail and attach the required document.
  • After it click on submit option to take benefit.
Que: How much total budget is INR?

Ans: INR 1179.72 crore.

Que: Who can be launched this scheme?

Ans: Launched by Government of India.

Que: What is main objective of Umbrella Scheme For Safety Of Women?

Ans: Provide safe and comfortable living environment to the women.

Que: Who can take the benefit?

Ans: Benefits taken by Female citizen.

Que: How much Nirbhaya Fund is funded?

Ans: Funded INR is 294.23.

Que: Which document is required for taking the benefit of scheme?

Ans: Mobile number, Email and Aadhar card.

Que: When this scheme can be announced?

Ans: Announced in 21th February.

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