National Livestock Mission 2024 : Eligibility, Implementation & Apply Online

The Indian government launched the National Livestock Mission in an effort to boost animal output and expand the country’s animal production sector. In addition to helping to create more work prospects, this mission’s primary feature is offering all beneficiaries who are interested in it training in entrepreneurship development skill sets. In this article you get … Read more

MedTech Mitra Portal 2024 : Benefits, Objective & Registration Procedure

The Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Chemicals and Fertilizers, Dr. Mansukh Mandvia has launched the MedTech Mitra Portal. This project wants to empower innovators and offer innovative healthcare solutions. In this article you get every necessary information regarding this scheme including its benefits, objective, eligibility criteria, required documents, overview and registration procedure. AB … Read more

PM Yojana Adda 2024: Eligibility Criteria & Applying Procedure

PM Yojana Adda

PM Yojana Adda – Many Prime Minister’s schemes have been introduced by the Indian government for the benefit of the populace and as a result, individuals from all walks of life in the nation benefit from these programs. Through PM schemes, the impoverished and helpless members of the nation’s lowest classes receive cash support as … Read more

Post Office Time Deposit Scheme 2024 : Benefits, Eligibility & Interest Rate

Post Office Time Deposit Scheme – The Indian Post Office provides a variety of financial and postal services through its many locations across India. The Indian Post Office, which is present throughout the nation, is now a vital conduit for residents. Although the program is open to anyone, it is particularly well-liked in remote and … Read more

Khelo India Scholarship Scheme 2024 : Eligibility, Amount & Registration Procedure

A significant provision for athletes taking part in the Khelo India Scholarship Program was recently announced by the Sports Authority of India. This money, which comes to Rs.7,71,30,000 for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2024, is intended to give 2571 Khelo India athletes an Out of Pocket Allowance. By providing financial support the … Read more

Digital Voter ID Card 2024: Eligibility, Benefits & How To Download

The digital Abhiyan has been launched by the Indian government. The government is providing every kind of government service online as part of this Abhiyan. The Indian government launched a national voter service portal with this in mind. In this article you get every necessary information regarding this scheme such as benefits, objectives, eligibility criteria, … Read more

ISRO Internship & Student Project Trainee Scheme 2024 : Benefits, Eligibility & Apply Online

The ISRO Internship and Student Project Trainee Scheme is an opportunity for undergraduate, graduate or PHD degrees to have the chance to participate in advanced research and project work in the space science and technology sector. ISRO provides internship and student project education programs that encourage innovation and nurture potential. Students who fulfill the prerequisites … Read more

Electric Mobility Promotion Scheme 2024 :Benefits & Apply for Subsidy

The government introduced a new program called the Electric Mobility Promotion Scheme on 13 March 2024. India’s Industry Minister Mahendranath Pandey announced the scheme on behalf of the Central Government and budgeted Rs 500 crore for it. This initiative will continue for four months beginning on 1 April 2024. In this article you get every … Read more