Chief Minister Girl Child Protection Scheme

As we all know that we can assumed poor families have two or three daughter and son preference are not likely to volunteer. So the government can be launched Girl Child Protection Scheme to eliminate the daughter decline sharply. It can be empowering and protecting right of girl through the direct investment. Two type of fixed deposit for the girl child which is given to the family. Girl in the school ensure the education at the intermediate level and encourage the family to adopt a parents. Amount deposited along with interest will given to child to pursue their education. The annual income of the family is Rs 72,000 and annual incentive of Rs 1800 will given every year to the child. It can focus on preventing gender discrimination though direct investment. To know about the more detail regarding objective and benefit etc read article completely.

Girl Child Protection Scheme

This scheme can be started by the government of Tamil Nadu. Girl education ensures the middle school by supporting their retention. The girl child socially and financially can be protect and improve the living status. Under Girl Child Protection Scheme amount can be deposit along with interest and it should be appear for 10th standard. This can be empowering and protecting through the direct investment. Girl child in education in the school can be ensuring her education and improving the status of girl. This program can be stop the killing of girl in the womb and protect the safeguard. A financial aid is regularly ensuring the wealth for girl and education also. Female infanticide is disturbing phenomenon and low cost can be abortion technology enables to choose the boys or adequate meal is not provided.


Objective Of Chief Minister Girl Child Protection Scheme

This scheme can be implementation is not targeted with high prevalence of female infanticide to assume only poor family. Girl Child Protection Scheme can implementation daughter declined sharply. Poor families are anti daughter and give sterilisation families with only daughters are not likely to volunteer. The poor parents financially getting their daughter married to promote educational status. Expenses of marriage and dowry in India is so much high that girl child often liabilities, parents and society at large. Government can improve the social attitude toward female children and elevating their status in society.

This scheme introduced welfare of girl and preventing gender discrimination by empowering and protecting right for providing the financial aids. Amount of Rs 50,000 will given to the one girl child family and Rs 25,000 given to the two girl children. Family improving the status and living of girl children. Interest can receive this deposit on completion of 18 year.  

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Overview Of Girl Child Protection Scheme

Name of schemeGirl Child Protection Scheme
Launched byGovernment of Tamil Nadu
BenefitGirl of the state
ObjectiveProviding financial assistance to get girl married
StateTamil Nadu
Application modeOnline/ Offline
Official Website

Benefit Of Chief Minister Girl Child Protection Scheme

  • This scheme can be launched by the government of Tamil Nadu to bring end of gender discrimination.
  • Poor parents financially getting daughter married to promote the educational status of girl.
  • Benefit of this scheme will be given to mother and father of girl.
  • It will be give to bride in the death of parents.
  • 18 year age is completed at the time of marriage.
  • An implementation is not targeted at district with high prevalence to poor families.
  • Only daughter and son are not likely to volunteer.
  • This scheme introduced the benefit and welfare of the girl child.
  • It can empower and protecting right of girl children by providing the financial assistance.
  • Amount of Rs 50,000 will be provided to the family of one girl child.
  • Two girl children of deposit amount Rs 25,000.
  • Financial assistance will encourage the girl to get marriage with planning.
  • It can improve the status and living standard of girl child.
  • Deposit amount will be renewing every five year.
  • It aims to support higher education and appear in 10th standard of board.
  • Providing a financial to household of two girls and increased the number of higher education.
  • Stop killing of babies in the womb can be promoting this program.
  • Under this scheme the dream of girl can be pursue and protected.
  • It can give importance to the role of girl in the families or raise living.
  • Gender discrimination is empowering and preventing protection right of girls.
  • Parent can be encouraging the family planning norm two girl children.
  • Education in the middle school can support the retention in school.

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Eligibility Of Girl Child Protection Scheme

  • Applicant must be permanent residence of Tamil Nadu.
  • Unmarried girl can take the benefit.
  • Annual income is less than Rs 72,000.
  • Girl child must not have any boy child.
  • Family can be required to enroll in any school.

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Deposit Mode Of Chief Minister Girl Child Protection Scheme

SchemeInitial Deposit AmountAfter 18 years maturity amount
Scheme 1Rs. 50,000Rs. 3,00,232
Scheme 2Rs. 25,000Rs. 1,50,117

Important Document For Girl Child Protection Scheme

  • Aadhar card
  • Birth certificate
  • Family photo
  • Ration card
  • Marriage certificate
  • Community certificate
  • Mobile number

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Apply Process Of Chief Minister Girl Child Protection Scheme

  • Home of website will be open on the screen.
  • Then click on register option and redirecting to another page.
  • Fill all the required detail.
  • So click on submit button for registration.

Offline Procedure Of Girl Child Protection Scheme

  • District Programme Officer
  • Extension Officer
  • Child Development Project
  • District Social Welfare Officer


Que: Which document is important for applying?

Ans: Family photo, Aadhar card, Caste certificate, Ration card, Birth Certificate and Medical certificate etc.

Que: How much family income is required?

Ans: Income should be below of Rs 72,000.

Que: Who can take the benefit?

Ans: Benefit taken by girl child.

Que: In which state this scheme can be applicable?

Ans: Applicable in Tamil Nadu.

Que: What is the application mode?

Ans: Application mode online and offline.

Que: Who can be launched Girl Child Protection Scheme?

Ans: Government of Tamil Nadu.

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