Mo Bus Pass Apply Online, Benefits, Login & Price

Mo Bus Pass – As we all know that bus is public transport that provides transport service around Bhubaneswar. Mo Bus Card Scheme been launched on 6th November in Odisha. It is contactless and cashless transaction causing ease for passenger. This is easy affordable travelling which the passenger would not have wait for bus tickets in long line.

Passengers will find easier with this card to make contactless and cashless transaction. It can enhance seamless travel for commuters or eliminate the hassle dealing with change and outstanding dues. Cheapest and fastest trip is including bus route option destination. This help them most cost effective and efficient routes or need for exact change, providing a convenient payment solution for rider. Technology can be driven for the citizen friendly and Capital Region Urban Transport can be started on Friday. Read the article completely for more detail regarding objective, benefit, eligibility and required document etc.

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Odisha Mo Bus Pass Apply Online

Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) formed for the development department of Odisha. These buses can be covering major destination across the Bhubaneswar. It is contactless and cashless transaction causing ease for passenger. Under Mo Bus Pass Scheme passenger will find easier with card to make easy and citizen can make affordable travelling. This programme can be started by CRUT association or it can change the landscape of Odisha. City routes soon to make commuting hassle-free in public transport. It can be prepaid on the entire city route and received a number for complaints on the current ticket system. Travel can be making hassle free and smooth for the commuter. Mobile app can be have friendly feature such as estimated time of arrival, real time bus occupancy and pass purchase etc. This can help the citizen to travel with plan accordingly.  

Objective Of Mo Bus Pass Apply Online     

Bus is a transport system which is introduced by Capital Region Urban Transport and provide reliable for connecting transportation. Mo Bus App is assessing to identifying the pain point that experienced regular commuter. The new improved app ensures ease to travel and enable commuters for arrival time in the bus. Payment can be eliminating the hassle of dealing with change for outstanding dues. A huge fleet around 310 buses is operated by the CRUT from other cities. It can also help the citizen to travel accordingly to the plan and see the real time bus occupancy. Mo Bus Pass Apply Online can be initiated for the collaboration with ICICI Bank. It is contactless and cashless transaction causing ease for passenger. This can make the convenient and reasonably priced or they get easy use and convenient. Citizen who can hold this pass can travel to unlimited ride.  

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Overview Of Odisha Mo Bus Pass Apply Online

Name of schemeMo Bus Pass Scheme
Launched byGovernment of Odisha
BenefitPeople of the state can take
ObjectiveReceive the card and travel convenient and reasonably priced
Application modeOnline /Offline
Official Website

Benefits Of Mo Bus Pass Apply Online        

  • It is the smart bus transportation system which can be launched by CRUT.
  • Under this scheme safe reliable transport will be provided.
  • Several features can like bus tracking, estimate time of arrival and pass purchase.
  • New improved will ensure to travel and ensure the arrival time of bus and see real occupancy.
  • Citizen plan to travel accordingly to know the arrival time of their buses.
  • It enhances digital payment option and ensures seamless travel for commuter.
  • A special purpose vehicle formed for housing or 310 buses operate under the service.
  • Commuter can get 40 per cent extra on top up to Rs 500and 50 per cent extra on top of Rs 1000 excluding the cost of card.
  • It can be initiated this scheme in the collaboration with the ICICI Bank.
  • This service can be much enjoyable and hassle-free.
  • By providing a card passenger would not have to wait for bus ticket in the long line.
  • Mo Bus Card can be utilizing for customer satisfaction, assistance and smart technology for urban public in the city.
  • Passenger can use the contactless and cashless transaction which can make easier for the card.
  • Use of bus service in the world it can be convenient and hassle free for providing a ticket.
  • This card can be availed conductor can be deposit this in the city.
  • Ticket system is not useful for the traveler because can be stand in the long line.
  • Smart technology can be used in the urban cities and continue to improve the quality of life.
  • Frequent traveler who travels multiple times in a day can also select a root of Bhubaneswar.
  • Seamless travelling experience in public transport and travel unlimited time selected route.
  • Citizen who can purchase Ac bus pass can travel in Ac bus and who does not purchase Non Ac Mo Bus pass cannot travel In Ac bus. Registration : Certificate & Login

Eligibility For Odisha Mo Bus Pass Apply Online

  • You can travel unlimited time by this Bus pass.
  • After paying one time fees unlimited can be pass for the traveler.
  • Bus pass price started from Rs 5 and CCTV camera is also acquired for the safety.

Important Document For Mo Bus Pass Apply Online

  • Aadhar card
  • Passport size photo
  • Mobile number
  • Email Id

Applying Procedure Of Odisha Mo Bus Pass Apply Online

  • First of all go the play store on your mobile phone.
  • Then search Mo Bus application on search bar.
  • Then you can click to install the application in your mobile phone.
  • Sign in mobile app by using user name and password.
  • Then book the Mo Bus pass and select the route duration.
  • After it required amount can be pay through UPI and debit card etc.
  • Click on Proceed tab and you can successfully booked.

Offline Process Of Mo Bus Pass

For purchase a bus pass you can visit the Capital Region Urban Transport Office. You can go easily to buy the Mo Bus Pass at the terminal.


Que: Which document is required for applying?

Ans: Aadhar card, Mobile number and passport size photo etc.

Que: How much price of bus pass start?

Ans: Price started from Rs 5.

Que: What is the mode of applying?

Ans: Apply mode online and offline.

Que: Who can be started this scheme?

Ans: Started by Odisha Government.

Que: What is the main objective of Mo Bus Pass?

Ans: Travel of unlimited time by using a pass or for the validity.

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