Mukhyamantri Baristha Bunkar Karigar Sahayata Yojana Benefits & Procedure

The Odisha government is introducing a number of schemes for the people of the state. The Mukhyamantri Baristha Bunkar Karigar Sahayata Yojana 2024 has been introduced by the Chief Minister of Odisha for the benefit of weavers, handicrafts, handlooms, artisans, etc. All weavers and craftspeople in the state will now get a monthly payment of Rs 2000 from the government. To get the funds in their bank, interested parties may register and submit an online application. In this post you get every necessary information regarding this yojana such as objective, eligibility criteria, required documents, benefits and applying procedure.

Mukhyamantri Baristha Bunkar Karigar Sahayata Yojana

The Mukhyamantri Baristha Bunkar Karigar Sahayata Yojana was initiated by the Odisha state government with the aim of safeguarding and exhibiting the legacy of weavers and handicraft workers in the state. Male and female weavers as well as other handicraft workers in the state of Odisha will get financial support from the Odisha government. With financial support, weavers and handcraft craftsmen may keep up their work without worrying about running out of money.

Financial help of Rs. 2,000 per month will be given under the scheme to male and female weavers, weaving assistants and craftsmen in the age range of 50 to 80 years, as well as to weavers in the age range of 40 to 80 years. The chosen applicant’s bank account will receive a direct transfer of the funding.

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Overview of Mukhyamantri Baristha Bunkar Karigar Sahayata Yojana

Name of the SchemeMukhyamantri Baristha Bunkar Karigar Sahayata Yojana 2024
Launched byState Government of Odisha
DepartmentDepartment of Handlooms, Textiles and Handicrafts
BeneficiaryWeavers, Weaving Assistants and Handicraft Artisans
ObjectiveTo provide financial support to handcraft artisans and weavers
AmountRs.2000 to RS.2500 Per Month
Official Website

Objective of Mukhyamantri Baristha Bunkar Karigar Sahayata Yojana

The primary goal of the yojana is to maintain the traditions of the state of Odisha’s weavers and handicraft artisans. Through this scheme, weavers and other handicraft workers can get financial help, enabling them to continue working without fear of running out of money. Weavers and other handicraft artists can meet their daily needs without assistance from other sources thanks to financial help. All applicants who satisfy the prerequisites for admission are required to submit their applications online through the official website. The Yojana will give the chosen candidates up to Rs. 2000 in financial help.

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Benefits of Mukhyamantri Baristha Bunkar Karigar Sahayata Yojana

The benefits of the yojana is given below:

  • Under the scheme, all weavers and handicraft artisans in the state would receive financial assistance.
  • The plan has been released with the goal of preserving the traditions and heritage of the state’s handicraft and weavers.
  • An allowance of Rs. 2,000 is given to women aged 40 to 80 and males aged 50 to 80.
  • Handicraft artisans and weavers can support themselves financially so they may satisfy their basic necessities on a daily basis.
  • While there are over 1,50,000 handcraft craftsmen in the state, there are over 1,25,000 weavers and weaving assistants working in the weaving industry.
  • The Odisha state government will provide financial aid to the chosen applicants.
  • The chosen candidate will receive a direct deposit of Rs. 2000 in financial aid into their bank account.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria of the yojana is given below:

  • Monthly cash benefits are only available to one member of the family.
  • The applicant is not eligible for the scheme odisha if any family members are employed by the government or if any family members pay income taxes.
  • The applicant’s household does not earn more than Rs 1 lakh annually.
  • Such state or federal government programs shouldn’t have had beneficiaries.
  • The applicant’s name has to be on file with the director of textiles and director of handicrafts as a weaver, weaving assistant or both.

Required Documents

The required documents of the yojana is given below:

  • Passport Size Photo
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Income Certificate
  • Address Proof
  • Birth Certificate
  • Ration Card
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number

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Register Procedure of Mukhyamantri Baristha Bunkar Karigar Sahayata Yojana

  • First you have to visit the Official Website of the scheme.
  • The homepage will appear on your screen.
  • Click on the Register option.
  • The registration form will appear on your screen.
  • Enter all the necessary details in the form.
  • You have to upload all the necessary documents.
  • Click on the submit button.


Which state launched the Mukhyamantri Baristha Bunkar Karigar Sahayata Yojana?

This yojana was introduced by the state government of Odisha.

How much money is being provided under the scheme?

2,000 to 2,500 rupees a month

Who is eligible to register for the Odisha scheme?

Registration for the yojana is accessible to Odisha State weavers, weaving assistants, and handicraft artists.

What is the official website of the yojana?

The official website to apply for the Yojana has not yet been announced by the Odisha State government.

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