Karnataka Uchita Prayana Scheme 2024 : Benefits, Apply Online

The Karnataka Uchita Prayana Scheme has been introduced by the Karnataka government recently. Women will be allowed to use bus services for free due to this scheme. This plan will be carried out by the Congress government throughout the whole state of Karnataka if they win the election. In this post you get every necessary information regarding this scheme such as benefits, objective, eligibility Criteria, required documents and apply online.

Karnataka Uchita Prayana Scheme 2024

The Karnataka Uchita Prayana Scheme was established by the Congress administration with the purpose of providing women in the state with benefits related to travel. As part of the scheme the state of Karnataka will provide free bus transportation to women of state throughout the state. All women in Karnataka are eligible for the free bus service.

The scheme offers free rides inside the state of Karnataka’s boundaries. No fare will be assessed to any Karnataka woman riding one of the government operated buses. Starting on June 11, women in the state are entitled to free transportation on state-owned buses. Certain requirements must be met, such as the 50% male reservation of seats. A person must be a resident of the state of Karnataka. Women recipients just need to show their Aadhar cards in order to get the free bus service.

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Karnataka Uchita Prayana Scheme

Overview of Karnataka Uchita Prayana Scheme 2024

SchemeKarnataka Uchita Prayana Scheme 2024
Launched ByGovernment of Karnataka
BeneficiaryWomen’s of State
ObjectiveTo Provide womens free transportation
Official Website_____

Seva Sindhu Karnataka

Objective of Karnataka Uchita Prayana Scheme

The main objective of the scheme is to provide affordable and convenient transportation services. Under the scheme, the Karnataka State Government will provide free bus transportation to the state’s women. The free bus service has been extended to all women in Karnataka.

Benefits of Karnataka Uchita Prayana Scheme

The benefits of this scheme is given below:

  • There is free bus service accessible all across Karnataka.
  • In Karnataka, women may only take benefit of the free bus services offered by buses operated by the government.
  • There would be no fee for women people riding Government of Karnataka buses.

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Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria of this scheme is given below:

  • The applicant must live in Karnataka.
  • The applicant must be a woman.
  • Citizens are only eligible for free travel on state-run buses.
  • Only travel inside the boundaries of Karnataka is free for the passenger.

Required Documents

The required documents of this scheme is given below:

  • Aadhaar Card

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Application Procedure of Karnataka Uchita Prayana Scheme

  • There is no need to apply anyplace in order to take advantage of the service.
  • Karnataka immediately qualifies every woman for free state-wide bus service.
  • Free Bus Service for Women is only available on buses operated by the Karnataka government.
  • The free cost bus service will only be available inside the state boundaries of Karnataka.
  • The complete organized instructions will be released immediately by the Karnataka government.


What is the Karnataka Uchith Prathan scheme?

The scheme is intended for women and other individuals in need. State women are entitled to free travel without requiring documents.

How can I find out if a woman is eligible for this scheme?

A woman can contact or visit a website to verify her eligibility.

What are the required documents for this scheme?

Women are simply needed to present their Aadhar card To benefit from the scheme.

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