NPS New Login Rules 2024 : Registration Process

An Aadhaar-based login authentication method is being implemented by NPS in the Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA) system in place of the present user ID and password based login process. In order to strengthen security protocols and safeguard the interests of stakeholders and subscribers, additional security elements for the CRA system login procedure will be added using Aadhaar based authentication. You get every necessary information regarding this NSP new login rules.

NSP New Login Rules 2024

A new strengthened security system has been announced by the pension governing organization. Starting on 1 April 2024 all password based users connecting onto the NPS’s Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA) system must utilize the new security feature which is a two-factor Aadhaar authentication.

PFRDA has added an extra security safeguard for NPS accounts in response to the nationwide increase in online fraud situations. PFRDA is now equipped to provide two factor Aadhaar authentication.

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NSP New Login Rules

Overview of NSP New Login Rules 2024

SchemeNSP New Login Rules 2024
Issued ByIt offers further safety measures for NPS accounts
Starting from01 April 2024
Official Website

Objective of NSP New Login Rules

The National Pension System (NPS) account login process will be reworked by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) by 1 April 2024 in response to the rising number of online fraud cases occurring nationwide.

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Benefits of NSP New Login Rules

Some of the benefits of this scheme is given below:

  • The probability of unauthorized access to the CRA system is greatly reduced by using the two factor technique.
  • The security of NPS transactions is guaranteed by this extra degree of protection. Both subscriber’s and stakeholder’s interests will be addressed.

New NSP login Guidelines: What is the Two Factor Authentication System for Aadhaar?

The two-factor authentication system which adds additional checks to certify the legitimacy of the fingerprint and further decreases spoofing efforts has made Aadhaar authenticated transactions considerably more secure and reliable.

Aadhaar Mapping

User IDs of Nodal offices within the Government Sector (Central/State/CAB/SAB) must be permitted to log in to the CRA system (CRA & NPSCAN) using 2 factor authentication and an Aadhaar OTP. The Oversight Office (PrAO/DTA) must first link the Aadhaar of underlying users with their unique CRA User ID in order to allow them to begin Aadhaar Mapping. Similar to this, PAO/DTO must link their Aadhaar with the matching CRA User ID in order for underlying DDOs to begin Aadhaar linking.

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Key Features of NPS new Login Rules

  • The PFRDA shows that it is committed to safeguarding the interests of NPS clients and stakeholders by implementing this additional security measure.
  • The CRA system is far less susceptible to unauthorized access by requiring two factor authentication and only authorized users are able to get access.
  • Government Nodal Offices are required to link their Aadhaar login credentials to their CRA User IDs. This link makes it possible to authenticate using the Aadhaar OTP.
  • To ensure a smooth transition, government agencies and Autonomous Bodies need to move fast to put in place the necessary infrastructure to allow Aadhaar based login and authentication for all NPS related transactions.

Step to Procedure of New NPS Login Process

  • The homepage will appear on your screen.
  • Select the PRAIN/IPIN tab.
  • A new page will appear on your screen.
  • Enter your password and user ID.
  • Enter the captcha code.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number and aadhaar authentication will be requested by the window.
  • Enter the OTP.
  • You can access your NPS account.


What is a new NPS rule?

The master circular issued by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) on 12 January 2024 states that an NPS account holder may withdraw up to 25% of his payments. The employer’s part of the corpus cannot be withdrawn.

Can NPS be started online?

All eligible Indian nationals who fulfill the requirements can apply for NPS. Online and offline account opening are the two available options for NPS users. The procedure varies somewhat for those entering the Central Government, State Government, CAB or SAB sectors.

What is the login procedure of this scheme?

The details is already given in this article.


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