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Makkaludan Mudhalvar Login – As we all know that the government has started Makkaludan Mudhalvar Login and people also avail the benefits. People can submit their petitions and grievance to the official portal. It focuses on providing convenient access to service related 13 department crucial department. This scheme can be launched on 18th December to provide the facilities to all departments. Under this scheme 1745 camps will be organized in the rural and urban areas. At these camps you can file a complaints, submit service request, and seeks the clarification on government programs. It can be held at all Corporation, Municipalities and Panchayats that are located close to the cities. Special camps in all urban and rural local bodies at ward village panchayat level in all districts and converging to people request. To know more detail regarding objective, benefits and eligibility etc read this article completely and carefully.  

Tamil Nadu Makkaludan Mudhalvar

This can be launched by the Tamil Nadu government and applicant registered application directly on portal. The city corporation is now involving the residents association and said under his direct control. Special camps will be conducted in the phase of districts people can be concerning various department and issue. Government service is closer to public and ensure the accessible to the people. Makkaludan Mudhalvar Scheme has been planned to conduct 1745 camps in corporation, municipalities, village and town panchayats. Convenient access to services related to 13 departments and seeks a clarification on various government programs. Special camps would be conducted at the ward level in urban and rural local bodies. Tamil Nadu can be organized a camps in all district except the four districts affected by Michong. State heard of the camp can be resolved within 30 days and employees, officers will be provided information.

Objective of Makkaludan Mudhalvar Login

The main aim is to resolve complain and 1745 camps will be organized under this scheme. Employees and officers of 13 departments will be present and provide the full information to the citizen. Camp can be resolved the problem within 30 days and officers provide the information. This scheme is to ensure the government services which is closer to people and camps in corporation, municipalities, town panchayats in the districts. Makkaludan Mudhalvar Login can focus on providing the convenient access and camps organized across the state. File complaints, submit services request and seek clarification on various government program. All urban and rural local bodies with over a dozen departments to collect a people request. In the districts receive application for grievances and problem of local bodies. Problem faced by the citizens can go to official website for check the status.

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Makkaludan Madhalvar Login

Overview of Tamil Nadu Makkaludan Mudhalvar

Name of the schemeMakkaludan Mudhalvar Login
Launched byGovernment of Tamil Nadu
ObjectiveListen the problem which is face by citizen
BenefitsCitizen of the state
Registered Department13 department
Days solving problem30 days
Total camps1745 in whole state
Official Website

Benefits of Makkaludan Mudhalvar Login

  • This scheme aimed at disposing off grievances within 30 days.
  • Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu can launched this scheme.
  • Special camps will be conducted in the districts.
  • Submitted the problem and check the status online on official website.
  • The government service is accessible to the people and reducing procedural delays.
  • Special attention to redressing the grievances of differently abled.
  • Camp will be held in corporation, municipalities, town panchayats and village panchayat.
  • 13 crucial departments can be focuses on providing convenient access to services.
  • Individual offices and navigate complex, you can file complaints, submit service request on various government program.
  • The various government offices to avail services offered by government.
  • In all urban and rural bodies special camps conduct in the state with over a dozen departments.
  • Officers and employees of all departments will be present to solve the problem.
  • Information will be provided to all department of the state.
  • The district which affected by Michong, camp will not be organized in it.
  • Gram panchayat and Municipal level avail the other facilities.
  • Citizen of the state will not go to any office for solving their problem.
  • Through this scheme problem can solve easily and time, money is also save.
  • For solving the problem go to the camps and solve their problem.

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  • Applicant must be permanent residence of Tamil Nadu.
  • Citizen can go to the camp for solving the problem.
  • 13 registered department who can belong to grievance.

List of Services Department of Makkaludan Mudhalvar Login

  • Social welfare
  • Electricity
  • Disabled welfare
  • Health
  • Education
  • Rural Development
  • Labor
  • Agriculture
  • City Administration
  • Income

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Important Document

  • Aadhar card
  • Caste Certificate
  • Passport size photo
  • Mobile number
  • Identity card
  • Address proof
  • Bank passbook
  • PAN card
  • Email ID

Status Check for Makkaludan Mudhalvar Login

  • Then home page will be open click on the status of it.
  • On the screen new page will be appearing.
  • Application number will be entering.
  • Check the status option.
  • Then status will be appearing on the screen.

Registration for Tamil Nadu Makkaludan Mudhalvar

  • First of all go to the camp which is organized at your Gram Panchayat or Municipal Level.
  • Then you have met the officers and employees of the department.
  • Officers and employees provide them with the entire document asked by them.
  • Form related to problem filled by department.
  • Submit the form and problem will be resolved within 30 days.
  • Then you can apply easily.


Que: In which state citizen can be apply?

Ans: Citizen of Tamil Nadu.

Que: What are the documents of Makkaludan Mudhalvar Login?

Ans: Aadhar card, Caste certificate, Bank account number and Email ID etc.

Que: In how days the problem can be solved?

Ans: Solved within 30 days.

Que: Who are beneficiaries of it?

Ans: Citizens of the State.

Que: What is the main objective of status ?

Ans: Problem of the citizen heared and solve the problem.

Que: How many camps will be organized?

Ans: Camps 1745.

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