Udyogini Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs 2024 : Eligibility & Online Apply

The Indian government and women entrepreneurs created the scheme to care for them and help them succeed. The Udyogini Scheme is in place due to the women development corporation of India. The scheme encourages and supports poor women’s entrepreneurship by giving financial aid for company start-up. This program promotes national growth while also increasing family and individual income levels. In this post you get every necessary information regarding this scheme such as benefits, objectives, eligibility criteria, required documents and application process.

Udyogini Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs

The Women Development Corporation and the Government of India established the Udyogini Scheme. The scheme promotes and encourages female entrepreneurship among the disadvantaged by offering financial help to women who establish businesses. The scheme primarily helps and finances women living in rural and impoverished areas. Scheme helps to increase the income of individuals and families while also contributing to the country’s economic growth. Women from all walks of life receive interest free loans without prejudice or limits.

Additionally, banks provide interest free loans to female farmers who operate their own enterprises. Many commercial and governmental sector institutions, notably Punjab and Sind Bank, Saraswat Bank and the Karnataka State Women’s Development Corporation, make considerable contributions to the scheme. This organization provides financial assistance while also organizing and implementing professional development training programs for women.

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Overview of Udyogini Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs

Name of the SchemeUdyogini Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs
Introduced byGovernment and Women entrepreneurs in India
Implemented byGovernment of India’s Women Development
Interest DateCompetitive, subsidized or free for special cases
Family IncomeRs.1.5 lakh or Less
Loan AmountMax Up to Rs.3 lakh
Processing FeeNIL
No Income LimitWidowed or Disabled Women

Objective of Udyogini Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs

The primary goal of the scheme is to give financial help to those women who desire to start their own enterprises. This scheme will improve the level of living for financially disadvantaged women in the country. Only candidates with yearly incomes of less than Rs. 1.5 lakh are eligible to benefit from the scheme. Applicants can use this initiative to launch their businesses without having to worry about finances. Applicants can utilize the loan to support their business’s capital.

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Benefits of Udyogini Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs

Some of the benefits of the scheme are listed below.

  • The Government of India will provide financial support to the selected candidates under this scheme.
  • The applicants would receive a loan of INR 3 lakh for financial help.
  • The scheme enables financially vulnerable women to launch their own enterprises.
  • Make financial help more accessible for women in the SC/ST and other special groups.
  • The scheme will improve the level of living for females in the country.
  • Prevent women from getting high interest loans from private lenders or other financial institutions.
  • This scheme will provide work chances for female nationals of the country.

Eligibility Criteria

Some of the eligibility criteria of the scheme are listed below.

  • The applicant must be a woman.
  • The initial age limitation for women was 45 years, but it has subsequently been expanded to 55 years, bringing the acceptable age range to 18 to 55.
  • The previous income limit was Rs. 40,000 the new one is Rs. 1.5 lakhs.
  • Only female company owners are eligible for business financing.
  • Applicants with a strong credit score and consistent payment history are preferred.

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Required Documents

Some of the required documents of the scheme are listed below.

  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Income Certificate
  • Date of Birth
  • BPL Card
  • Ration Card
  • Bank Account Details
  • Caste Certificate
  • Any other documents required by the bank/NBFC
List of Supported Business

The table below shows the list of supported businesses under the scheme.

Agarbatti ManufacturingDiagnostic LabLeaf Cups ManufacturingRibbon Making​​
BanglesEdible Oil ShopMilk BoothShops & Establishments
Audio & Video Cassette ParlourDry CleaningLibrarySari & Embroidery Works
BakeriesDry Fish TradeMat WeavingSecurity Service
Banana Tender LeafEat-OutsMatch Box ManufacturingShikakai Powder Manufacturing
Bottle Cap ManufacturingFish StallsOld Paper MartsSoap Powder & Detergent Cake Manufacturing
Beauty ParlourEnergy FoodMutton StallsSilk Thread Manufacturing
Bedsheet & Towel ManufacturingFair-Price ShopNewspaper, Weekly & Monthly Magazine VendingSilk Weaving
Book Binding And Note Books ManufacturingFax Paper ManufacturingNylon Button ManufacturingSilk Worm Rearing
Cleaning PowderGift ArticlesPhoto Studio Tea Stall
Cane & Bamboo Articles ManufacturingFlour Mills Pan & Cigarette ShopStationery Shop
Canteen & CateringFlower ShopsPan Leaf or Chewing Leaf ShopSTD Booths
Chalk Crayon ManufacturingFuel WoodPhenyl & Naphthalene Ball ManufacturingTailoring
Cotton Thread ManufacturingInk ManufactureRadio & TV Servicing StationsVegetable & Fruit Vending
ClinicGym CentrePlastic Articles TradeTender Coconut
Coffee & Tea PowderHandicrafts ManufacturingPotteryTravel Agency
CondimentsHousehold Articles RetailPrinting & Dyeing of ClothesTutorials
Corrugated Box ManufacturingIce Cream ParlourQuilt & Bed ManufacturingTyping Institute
Dairy & Poultry Related TradeJute Carpet ManufacturingReal Estate AgencyWoolen Garments Manufacturing
CrècheJam, Jelly & Pickles ManufacturingRagi Powder ShopVermicelli Manufacturing
Cut Piece Cloth TradeJob Typing & Photocopying ServiceReadymade Garments TradeWet Grinding

Applying Procedure of Udyogini Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs

  • First you have to visit the closest bank with all the necessary documents
  • Fill out an application form to proceed with the appropriate bank requirements.
  • Candidates can also apply for a loan online by visiting the official websites of banks that offer loans under the scheme.


What is the Udyogini Scheme in Karnataka?

This plan is a flagship effort developed by the Karnataka government to give financial support to female entrepreneurs and encourage their involvement in the state’s economic growth.

Who is eligible to apply to the scheme?

Women entrepreneurs aged 18 to 55 from low-income families are eligible to apply for the scheme.

How much loan can I gain under the Udyogini scheme?

The maximum loan amount granted to a woman entrepreneur under the scheme is Rs. 3 lakh.

What is the primary goal of introducing the Udyogini Scheme?

The primary goal for developing the scheme is to empower women in India.

How can I apply for the Udyogini Scheme?

A person can apply for the scheme at their local bank branch.

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