PRITHvi VIgyan Scheme : Benefits & All Important Details

As we know that the Prime Minister which can approved overarching scheme PRITHvi Vlgyan into service. Development of technology for sustainable harnessing of oceanic resources for societal application. The translation of knowledge from Earth systems science and budget of Rs 4797 crore. It depends and yield societal, environment and economic benefits. PRITHvi VIgyan Scheme dedicated to holistic study of Earth System Science. Long term observation system for the atmosphere oceans, cryosphere, Geosphere and solid earth. It can enable more accurate weather and climate change phenomena for providing crucial data for scientists and research. The development integrated earth science research and innovative program. Scientific knowledge into actionable services, yield societal environment and economic benefits. It can focus on creating models ocean, weather and advancing climate change science. To know about the more detail of objective and benefits etc read this article completely and carefully.

PRITHvi VIgyan Scheme

Ministry of Earth science transforming India approach to earth science research. It can be focus on Earth components oceans, cryosphere, atmosphere and geospere. The development of technology for harnessing of resources for societal application. In issuing of disaster risk mitigation warning alert for natural disaster like tsunami, cyclones and flood. The awareness among the people and metrological department inpending danger. Earth science system is improving provide reliable services and tackle the challenges for weather climate for resource harnessing. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the PRITHvi VIgyan Scheme and can be related to Earth science. The cost of Rs 4,797 at time period of five year and it help grand challenges of weather, climate, oceans and services. Climate hazards understanding the science of climate change for the development of modeling system. Earth science into services for societal, economic and environmental benefits.

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Objective of PRITHvi VIgyan Scheme

Technology development for sustainable growth, exploration of high region and predicts weather condition climate hazards. This schemes research an innovative programmes and atmosphere, Climate, Resources, Technology, Education. Research and development efforts grand challenges of oceans, cryosphere, science, services and sustainable harnessing. Earth system science into service for societal, environmental and economic benefits. This scheme integrate manner through efforts under Ministry of Earth Science. It can be deal with the five component biosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and cryosphere. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched PRITHvi VIgyan Scheme for understanding Earth Science. This integration approach paves the way for innovation pressing environmental and societal concerns. Continuity of vital search and preparedness for a changing planet, environmental challenges securing a sustainable future. The country approach towards earth science research and real word application. To develop weather and oceans hazards and built technology for tapping ocean resources sustainably.

PRITHvi VIgyan Scheme

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Detail of PRITHvi VIgyan

Name of SchemePRITHvi VIgyan Scheme
Launched byPrime Minister Narendra Modi
ObjectiveObservation of Earth system and technology of oceanic resources
Total CostRs. 4,797 crore
Ministry ResponsibleMinistry of Earth Science
Holistic ApproachAtmosphere, Geosphere, Biosphere, Cryosphere and Hydrosphere

Benefits of PRITHvi VIgyan Scheme

  • The Union Cabinet can be approved this scheme of PRITHvi VIgyan.
  • Ministry of Earth Science can be implemented over a period of five years.
  • Cost of the scheme is Rs 4,757 crore and focus of environmental economic benefits.
  • Technology development for sustainable growth or the power of oceanic resources.
  • Exploring of high sea regions for discovery of new resources.
  • Earth system can be change observation including solid earth, ocean, atmosphere, cryosphere and geosphere.
  • Weather forecasts warning for Natural Disaster alert Earthquake and Tsunami.
  • Earth system has five components and attains the benefits of earth science system into environmental Services.
  • It can also predict modelling system for understanding the science of climate change.
  • Five schemes can be enhance Earth System and it can be provide crucial services.
  • Sustain long term observation of solid earth and change.
  • Predicting weather, oceans, climate hazard can understand the science of climate change.
  • Technology for exploration and sustainable harnessing of oceanic resources.
  • The scheme can ensure the precise weather forecasting both land and oceans.
  • Minimizing property damages and adverse weather condition.
  • Development of technology, sustainable harnessing of oceanic resources with modern Earth Science.
  • This scheme can be encompasses sub-scheme namely Climate Research Modelling.
  • Translation of Earth System Science into services for societal and economic benefits.
  • Sustainable manner for the country and harness marine living and non-living resources.
  • Government can be saving human lives to damage the properties due to natural disasters.
  • This scheme is sustenance long-term observation of the solid earth and climate change.
  • Research modelling service delivery like climate, oceans and polar region.
  • Program and solutions pressing environment, a sustainable future generation to come.
Target Audience:

The Prithvi Vigyan scheme typically targets students, teachers, researchers, policymakers, and the general public interested in earth sciences and environmental issues. It aims to engage and empower these stakeholders to contribute towards sustainable development and environmental conservation efforts.

Some Scheme Covered Under PRITHvi VIgyan

  • Seismology and Geosciences
  • Atmosphere and Climate research- modelling observation systems and services
  • Research, Education, Training and Outreach
  • Polar Science and Cryosphere Research
  • Ocean Services, Modeling Application, Resources and Technology

Process of Implementing the PRITHvi VIgyan Scheme

It is launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and total budget is Rs. 4797 crore. The overarching scheme will enhance the development of integrated interdisciplinary earth science research. It seeks to develop the modeling system and prediction of weather, climate, oceans and coastal state.


Que: What is the responsibility of the Ministry of Earth Science?

Ans: Under the government it is mandated to provide services services for climate, oceans and weather.

Que: Who is the initiator of this scheme?

Ans: Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Que: Name the three poles of the Earth?

Ans: Arctic, Himalayas and Antarctic.

Que: What is the allocation of budget for this scheme?

Ans: Budget Rs. 4797 crores.

Que: How PRITHvi VIgyan Scheme can be benefited?

Ans: To address the challenges in climate Atmosphere, Seismology and cryosphere.

Que: What is the main objective of this scheme?

Ans: Development of technology for Exploration and transforming of knowledge.

Que: When this scheme can be implemented?

Ans: From 2021-26.

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